Hello!  We are Alicia + Ray of Reverie...

We adore each other, our gorgeous children, meeting new people, working on our fixer upper, gardening, traveling as much as work will allow, and really stupid movies.  We start out each day snuggled up with massive cups (well, technically bowls) of coffee taking a second to be still, then hit the ground running!

We are high school sweethearts who got engaged at 18 and married at 20.  We had the most handsome kid you'll ever see, and adopted the feistiest one you'll ever meet (she's pretty gorgeous too).  We worked for other people and bought a cute little house living the "American, married with 2 children dream".  In 2012 the company that employed Ray went under and we eventually had to start all over.  We ended up selling most everything we owned, shared a few tears and then cannon-balled in to the deep end of self employment.  The last 14 years have been quite a story for us.  A lot of life lived, a lot of laughter, tears, learning experiences and love.  It has been the driving force of our found passion in photo + films.

We are so honored that we get to share our story with you and look forward to being apart of yours!